Thursday, March 1, 2012

881 - 882

Even stinky, slimy, grimy Splotch Monsters are perfectly capable of having civilized, adult conversations. 

I know it has been kind of quiet lately in Splotch Monster land, but that's only because the Splotch Monster maker hasn't had a chance to hit the ol' scanner and do some editing. Not for long though, as more of this new series of Splotch Monster pairs will go up on a regular basis for a good while. In the meantime, this one in particular was inspired by my wife's guilty pleasure of watching episodes of "the Real Housewives" online. I have a difficult time listening to it personally, and usually try tuning it out by plugging in the headphones and listening to some music. Still, I can't help listening sometimes, as it's fascinating to hear these grown adults carry on like complete and utterly insane brats. You would think all of that money would make folks happy, but it seems it has the opposite effect on these individuals, as they act like some of the most miserable and immature human beings on the planet. Nobody's perfect and we all have our moments, but it's always amazing, the new levels of low these folks stoop to on a regular basis. I guess that's why viewers find it all so fascinating. For me however, it (viewing/hearing this program) makes me kind of nervous, and kind of sad even- the massively petty, hollow and negative energy these people emanate, even through the computer screen. Perhaps these odd, filthy "rich" people could learn a thing or two from the Splotch Monsters.