Sunday, February 5, 2012

splotch monsters invade king street coffee, leesburg, virginia

Last Friday night, the Leesburg, VA First Friday gallery walk reopened, and thanks to the unseasonably good weather we've been having, many people were out and about. King Street Coffee was no exception, and I feel very lucky to have had the weather on my side, being February is usually a miserable month here in the NOVA region. I was feeling like crud all day Friday and most of the week, as if my head was about to burst, but had to be present for the opening of my Splotch Monster show. Maybe it was the Moroccan Mint Tea I drank upon arrival, or perhaps it was the good energy I got from people from the get go, but I started to feel a lot better real fast. Some wonderful colleagues of mine came in and bought up some pieces right away, and even a reporter from a great local newspaper kindly dropped by to do a story, which I'll post more about when the story is published. I had a few more sales later on, with a couple still pending, but the real highlight was the folks who showed up - friends, colleagues, students, and the curious observer from off the street. There was a real good energy all evening, and a few hours in, you could barely move in the place, for better or worse. I made sure to bring a stack of pre-painted Splotch Forms on paper and a bunch of pens for folks to draw with, and by the end of the night, almost everyone in the room was having fun drawing until the entire stack was completely gone. It's funny 'cause at first, people seemed kind of hesitant, not sure what to make of it, then soon it caught on and spread like a wildfire. Creativity can be contagious, and one man even looked at me and said how he's never seen anything like it before, smiling as his little boy was having a blast drawing away. It was amazing what people were doing with the paint splotches Friday night, and it reminded me of when I visited Philly last Fall for an art show. I honestly wish I took more pictures. This is what I had been hoping for with this show, and more than any sales or recognition I wanted the show to not be just about me, but about everyone present and the creativity we're all capable of. Thanks once again to Kimberly and the King Street Coffee folks, to my friends and colleagues who stopped in to say hi, to the awesome individuals who believed in my work enough to spend some money on it, to some of my wonderful students and their parents who braved the crowd, to the great folks who helped to get the word out, to the amazing local singers and musicians who kept us entertained throughout the evening, and to the people who came by to talk a little or shake my hand and do some drawing of their own. I am truly grateful beyond words. In the meantime, I did take some photos below, after the opening, to give readers here an idea of what I had on exhibit. My Splotch Monster art will be hanging for the remainder of the month at King Street Coffee, so stop on by, have a cup and take a look if you're in and around the area.