Sunday, January 8, 2012

what's new in splotch monster land

Just in case anyone who follows this blog is wondering where on earth are the new monsters, you need not worry, 'cause I've been busier than ever in Splotch Monster land. First off, I'm working on completing a twelve-monster medley for an upcoming show here in Leesburg, which I'll post any day now. The show is in February and it's been quite a process sorting out, choosing, and weeding out pieces and selecting frames for this small but fine space, which I'll also post more about soon. 

Perhaps the most exiting news, as far as Splotch Monsters are concerned, has something to do with a new book coming out around Halloween, 2012. Early last October, I was contacted via Flickr about possibly including some of my monsters in the upcoming Stickerbomb 3 book, dedicated completely to monsters. Being very fond of this hugely popular series and knowing a good deal of the work in these books are by some of the finest contemporary artists alive caused me to have to pause and pinch myself. Was this a joke? Well, I gladly and promptly sent them about a dozen samples and a link to my Flickr page and crossed my fingers. I grew a little concerned when I didn't get any word yet by January 1st, then a few days ago I got the good news. I didn't want to say anything yet (I can be oddly superstitious about these things sometimes) but why not. I love this book series and the work The SRK do, and now I'm looking forward to October more than ever!

This morning I also completed a sixty-page, customized and extremely limited-edition book compiling some of my favorite Splotch Monsters from the recent black & white series, which I consider to be some of my best by far. Again, as with picking out works for the show, this turned out to be simultaneously tedious and highly enjoyable. I made it through Arts Cow, whose books and prints I've been more than pleased with in the past, and my hopes are that they'll arrive in time for early February. Below are a few low-res sneak peeks. In the meantime, expect more monsters up here soon!