Sunday, January 29, 2012

hanging up some art

Who's that balding fool in khakis with a pair of scissors? That guy would be me hanging up my artwork today at King Street Coffee. My wife had her wonderful work up there for the months of December and January and even made some sales, however today I had to take it down and replace it with my relatively crazier creations. Leesburg is kind of a conservative town with a very traditional art scene, though I had a very positive response when I first started making and selling my Splotch Monster art at an outdoor sale in town around Christmas a couple of years ago, to my pleasant surprise, and I got some real nice words and inquires from folks today while putting up work. For the most part, I've got nothing against the more traditional work that dominates most of the galleries around these parts, and even do work slightly along those lines myself. As long as it's sincere and original in some way, I can respect that. However, there's a whole world of art out there beyond realism and impressionist landscapes, be it conceptual, lowbrow, street art, whatever you want to call it, and I'm glad I can be a tiny part of that, not because it's supposedly cool or hip, but because that's what I like to do and see. Anyhow, the weather has still been unseasonably warm for late January, and I am not complaining. The First Friday art walk here in town is starting up again in February, after a hiatus in January, and even though there's the possibility of rain, at least it won't be cold, snowy or icy, which is typical of February weather in Northern Virginia. I'm really looking forward to it, but after spending most of the day taking down then hanging up art today, Kris and I are looking forward to simply doing absolutely nothing next Saturday and Sunday. Can I have an amen?!?