Saturday, January 28, 2012

841-853/have a cup of joe (not that joe)

Last night I finished another Splotch Monster word medley made for my upcoming show at King Street Coffee. The original, measuring 20" x 16", not quite as large as the first medley I made for the show, but still bigger than I usually work with these. Above is a slightly tweaked version, filtered through Picnik. I've always wondered where this phrase came from, so I got some help from Wikipedia. In the image here, Joe is the letter E, who was made from coffee. As you might have noticed, Joe is a little worried about the suggestion made in this image, and the neighboring letter O monster isn't helping him in this department. Poor Joe! In the meantime I'm looking forward to finally getting this piece framed today, as well as reframing some other pieces, and getting them hung up tomorrow. It's always both an exciting and equally grueling process, framing and hanging your own work, but always rewarding in the end. Enjoy your weekend!