Saturday, December 24, 2011

splotch monsters invade greece

Last Fall I was contacted via Flickr by my friend Akis in Greece who wanted to see if I was interested in having some of my Splotch Monster work shown there as part of a big exhibit in January 2011 at the Coo Basement in Thessaloniki. After some more details and some e-mail exchange, I snail-mailed him about twenty pieces, ten of which are in color, and ten from the black and white series, all to be featured as part of the Absurd Expedition, a show very much in the spirit of DADA, perhaps my personal favorite art movement of any century. Seeing some of the work from the other artists involved in the show really knocks my socks off to be a part of this event. If only I can get out there to see it now. Anyway, above and below are some of the first (amazing) flyers and posters for the exhibit. I'll have some more Splotch Monster work in an accompanying, limited run book as well, to be released later this month. I'll get more details posted soon, so stay tuned!