Monday, October 17, 2011

"our secret genius" exhibit, pterodactyl gallery, philadelphia, pa, 10/15/2011

Yesterday Kris and I drove out to Philly, PA to check out the Moleskine sponsored, "Our Secret Genius" art reception at the terrifically-named Pterodactyl  gallery and creative space. We got to the place pretty early, and got to meet the infinitely kind, cool Helen Bradley, who played a big role in organizing the exhibit and whose work is also in the show. While the place looked like an old urban warehouse on the exterior, the inside looked pretty spectacular. It was obvious the folks who organized this show put lots of care into setting it up, and it was refreshing to work with Helen, who was open to ideas and suggestions. 

Eric Reimer's work (see above) was among some of my favorite, and I think the Japanese-style fold-out Moleskine was the perfect format for his dream-like, stream-of-conscious visual tales.

Mark Brunetti had quite a few of his books of poetry at the show (see above) , including his free 'zine "The Idiom", which I look forward to reading. We talked about some possible collaborations in the near future. 

I really liked having a nice little table and a sad but enthusiastic little clown to display my book full of Splotch Monsters.  I was also very happy to be able to give away some of my 'zines for FREE (yes!) and provide pre-painted Splotch Forms for people to draw on and take home.

My wonderful wife Kris (above) created a beautiful sign (after my ugly, failed attempt) for my display. It's all about presentation, right?!

Eric Kennedy's abstracted forms (see above image) were also among some of my personal faves, again, well displayed in the Japanese-style Moleskine format. 

A Philly sunset. Ahhhhhh.

Yours truly, gettin' busy on the wall. 

Mark and Eric of the band "Puppy Grease" drawing and writing (above) and jamming (below). Nice!

Helen utilizing her way groovy space-age picture-taking mechanism (above). We want one of those!

Laurel Casciato had some awesome sketchbooks full of comics, drawings and writings on display (above).  It's a known fact that she can't complete an entire book before starting a new one! Lauren can also throw down a mean collaborative Splotch Monster (photo below). 

So can Skyler (below)!

And these guys (next few below)!

Love the big collage made for the show near Pterodactyl's entrance.  The show had a real good attendance, though Kris and I left about an hour before it all ended, since we got there about an hour early and by that time were pretty tired out from all the fun.

I wish we had a space like this out our way. I love how the reception was far more than a static art exhibit, as organizers allowed input from participating artists and room for creative play and visitor participation. Hopefully we see more places and events of this nature pop up in the near future. 

Kris' pretty flora drawings spawned this wild collaborative draw-jam.

"Our Secret Genius", a Moleskine project runs from October 15, 2011, until November 26, 2011. Don't hesitate to drop on by and take a look if you're in the Philly area!