Thursday, October 13, 2011

roman's splotch monsters

I've made some of the most wonderful contacts through my Flickr site, including art therapist Ira Freidman, from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Ira teaches both kids and adults, including eleven-year-old Roman, who took some inspiration from my Splotch Monsters and seriously created something unique and amazing! This made my day, so thank you Ira and Roman, you are both truly awesome! 


  1. Yeah, thanks Angel, it sure is!

  2. I was reading about Chagall yesterday in the Toronto Star on a major exhibition from Russia that is starting next week at the Art Gallery of Ontario. I must say that I am seeing a bit of Chagall in Roman's amusing and imaginative splotch monsters.

  3. No kidding Pixo? I see it too - a few of his works in particular come to mind. I wonder if he got to see the exhibit?