Saturday, August 20, 2011

688 - 702/ "splotch monster house party (wish you were here)"

It's medley time again, although this time with a whole new twist. I always thought it would be an interesting challenge to use some Splotch Monsters as letters for words or phrases, like a type of font for an illustration.  So, I decided to do just that for a piece that will be in a show, in London, England, from October to November this year. The theme for the art exhibit is "Wish You Were Here", organized by illustrator/artist Mr. Gresty, for display at the George Orwell.  Each monster represents a letter, some more recognizable than others, and I didn't want them to be too obvious at first glance. The letters spell out the theme of the show, and the monsters are all supposed to be hanging out at a "Splotch Monster House Party" (which is also the name of the piece). It was fun seeing how I could not only make monsters out of letters, but also trying to create tiny interactions between some of them, as if they were all really in a room together. I tried photographing the work in several different lights (it was way too big for a scanner) but just couldn't really capture how it actually appears, which looks a whole lot better than any of the shots you see here. The show looks to be a good one and the place itself will be a fantastic space for art. I personally wish I could be there myself but unfortunately, London is a little too far and out of my budget at the moment. So this baby will be mailed out this Monday via UPS, most likely. Above is the initial flyer for the show, however there will be another one soon, with more detailed information.  If you're in London and are reading this, please feel free to check out the show and perhaps even take and send me some shots. I'd really appreciate it!