Saturday, May 7, 2011

"magic bullet #2" & free comic book day

Today's Free Comic Book Day, as is the first Saturday of May every year across the United States. So, there's still time left, if you haven't stopped by your local shop yet! In the meantime, Magic Bullet #2 is out - a super (and free!) comic newspaper mostly made up of work from artists in and around the DC/NOVA region. DC Conspiracy member Rafer Roberts worked hard to put this paper together and it looks awesome. I'm blown away by the quality of work by the artists in this paper! I'm also thankful to Rafer for getting some of my very own Splotch Monsters on a page in #2, as well as for his time and patience with getting them to look just right in black and white (was not an easy task). You can now find some copies at Phoenix Comics and Toys in Lansdowne, VA, again for free, while supplies last. For more on this fine publication, see the press release.

While I painted and drew the art, I also have to give lots of credit to my buddy Eric Scott, for letting me use his large format scanner, and during a busy time, my wife Kris for the final touches in photoshop, to Evan Keeling for kindly bringing me a bunch of copies last night, to distribute, and to Mr. Matt Dembicki for telling me about the comic in the first place.

I made sure to leave one paint splotch (or as I call them, Splotch Forms) blank for Metro commuters, or anyone else to draw on!

Thanks to the excellent Phoenix Comics and Toys in Lansdowne, VA for carrying the paper. Hopefully folks will enjoy it and be inspired to do some of their own comics and art. 

Finally, may the force be with you. ;)