Tuesday, January 11, 2011


If you've been following this blog, you might have noticed the Splotch Monsters have been more minimal with a slightly digital element going on. Lately, I thought it would be fun to experiment with limited means, with regards to these Splotch Monsters, and Forms. So, I ended up recycling older Splotch Forms and altering their appearance through Picnik, cropping them and turning them around in new angles and messing a bit with the color. I figure, the possibilities can be infinite and it would be a good challenge to see how far I could go with some of them. I also used some simple "sticker" applications from Picnik as well, when making the Forms into monsters, keeping it as spontaneous and minimal as possible. Some were more successful than others, and it has never been my intention here to make a masterpiece every time, or any time for that matter. The one above however is a welcome return to watercolors and hand drawing. I made this one earlier today after reading about the big green space blob discovered by a Dutch school teacher. Still, I imagine this one to be very small, perhaps residing in the trees or swamps of some distant, Earth-like planet.