Sunday, October 17, 2010


This fella was made and sold to a kind woman while I was tabling the 2010 Richmond Zine Fest yesterday. The fest was a lot of fun, and I met a ton of awesome folks there yesterday. I want to thank everyone who came by, talked with me and supported my work. It was a ball! In between talking and selling things, I managed to complete eleven new Splotch Monsters in all, so I'm pretty well caught up. I made sure to photograph the Splotch Forms, and later today I'll be scanning the rest of the monsters to post here soon. In the meantime, thank you Matt and Andrew, for the great company, for the beverages and letting me tag along yesterday.

above: D.C. Conspirators Andrew Cohen and Matt Dembicki getting psyched for the zine fest during set up.
below: Myself at my table, making a paint splotch. (photo courtesy Matt Dembicki)

In the meantime, drop by HERE for more about the fest, as well as a GIVEAWAY!