Wednesday, September 29, 2010

367/finnegan the finicky eater

Oh fiddlesticks! I thought I had scanned the original splotch but I guess I didn't (again)! Oh well. Hey, I know! I've got an idea. Every time I do this - forget to scan the splotch, I give the Splotch Monster away. That's right, a freebie for the first person who drops me a comment on this post. The catch is simple: comment with a name for this Splotch Monster.


  1. Well, that's obviously Finnegan the Finicky Eater!
    (And forgive the possible double post; not sure if the iPod ate the last comment I tried to leave. I'm sure Finnegan didn't! ;) )

  2. Excellent name and congrats Leora!Shoot me your addy via my e-mail (see profile) and I'll send you Finnegan asap!