Sunday, August 22, 2010


Many times when I work on these paint splotches, mostly made from watercolor paints, I have to quickly get over the fear of "messing it up". I guess it must be nice to have that kind of luxury in life - to "fear" something so relatively minor, huh? Still, while I try not to take these little daily exercises in creativity too seriously, each and every time I work on one, I try and put a decent amount of care into it. With the last two or three, I ended up liking the Splotch Form far more than the actual Splotch Monster. I think if I neglected to scan and keep a visual record of these paint splotch forms, it might bother me a lot more. There's a challenge here, in embracing the awkward and imperfect, and to be able to improvise, especially when one isn't going the way I initially intended. The biggest challenge is to not think too hard about it, when working on one. Some take me an hour to complete, while others only ten minutes. Usually it's somewhere in between for me, time wise. When one is completed, I usually think, how large is the creature, at least in relation to the size of people. I could include more visual information in the background, but more often than not, with the exception of some of the Illo Friday monsters (which present a double challenge), I like to keep the "background" blank, leaving any extraneous information to the viewer. In the case with this one, I automatically thought of something small - minutely small, like a germ, or a dust-bunny. However, this monster could also be as large as a dog, an elephant or quite possibly Mount Fuji. The possibilities are endless.