Tuesday, August 17, 2010

323/the comment conundrum pt. 2

From my friend Chris, this morning via e-mail:


i think you should allow comments on your blog.
whoever said :
"when a person leaves a comment at your blog, it is proper to "return the favor" and leave a comment at their blog, to show some kind of support"
is quite simply WRONG.
that may have applied a long time ago when blogging was something new, but it definitely no longer applies now.
you don't even have to look at their blog.
no one in the entire world has time to do that.
and you don't even have to respond to their comment (which i noticed that you always did) unless they ask you a direct question.
but leaving comments is important.
people want to be able to respond to what you have posted.
it is an integral part of the blogging process.
people aren't going to leave a comment somewhere else (such as flickr) about something that is on your blog.
and people don't want to have to email you directly.
they might if it is something really important.
but if they just want to say "hey i like this" they're probably not going to bother.
plus some people would rather just keep their distance with a comment on your blog.
emailing you directly removes anonymity and assumes friendship.

feel free to post this on your blog if you want

So, after reading my friend's thoughts on blogger comments, I think he made some pretty good points. I decided, after some consideration, to allow comments again. Why not? If the new Blogger Spam guard works, then there should be no problem. I'll also try my best to check out your blog if you do decide to drop me a line. Since I like to kick it old school, there will always be a "thank you" as well, if a nice comment is left, and not a "thanks" out of necessity. That's just how I roll and that will never be a problem for me. I am curious as to what anyone else thinks (now that you can comment again!)- have you had Spam issues, is the guard working well for you, etc ? I guess this would make me some sort of "flip flopper"? ;)