Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I recently picked up a book from one of my favorite authors, Eric Maisel, called "Coaching the Artist Within". I found his "Daily Affirmations for Artists" book, as well as his column in Arts Calendar magazine very helpful and inspiring, so I was glad to find "Coaching" for only a couple of bucks at a local yard sale. In the book, he covers a wide range of topics and concepts, including a segment on the idea of "duality", and how we choose to see ourselves as one way or another usually, and how such thinking can be very limiting when it comes to achieving our goals and dreams. He cited a real life example from one of his clients, who, after years of experiencing certain mental frustrations, he learned to embrace different aspects of his personality and put them to good use when appropriate. It sort of rode on the whole Yin Yang philosophy, and how one half is not complete without the opposite half. Sometimes in my Splotch Monsters, and even in much of my art, I try to express this duality, and include some yin and some yang. In this case it's pretty obvious, however, there seems to be a conflict perhaps within this particular monster. Is it brash and outspoken, or subtle and silent? Can it be both at once? What aspects of your own personality do you find more prominent than others?