Tuesday, July 6, 2010

281/ kris & steve collab

Here's one my wife Kris and I had fun collaborating on for a DC sketchbook exchange I run. Kris went crazy with the paints and brush here, and I was truly challenged to turn this into some sort of monster.

In the meantime, a couple of people asked me why my comments are disabled. I hated to do it but I've been fielding spam for a while now, and even though I had comment moderator on, it was a pain going through my e-mail and deleting it all. Much of it was in a language I don't even know. The spam was also going to the Moleskine exchange I belong to, including what I would assume were harmful links. So, not having the time to waste anymore on such matters, I simply closed comments, at least for now. It's a bummer, 'cause I miss all the nice comments people would leave, but on the same token, if you really, absolutely do like (or even dislike) what you see, and you really, really want to tell me about it, you can e-mail me (see Blogger profile above). Thanks for your understanding folks!