Friday, July 2, 2010


Giddy up big fella!

* Splotch Monster 277 made for the Illustration Friday topic, "giant", watercolors, pen and marker on thick watercolor paper, 7/2010


  1. :) wonderful! Apparently, he is so giant that I almost missed the little guy on his back! I love the big tuft of hair on its head and the tail too!

  2. This is a tough kind of looks really cute in a creepy sort of know like you might go and pick it up and then it bites you and infects you with some flesh eating bacteria...awesomeness lol....

  3. You got it right whiteoctopus - you do have to look closely - there is a little cowboy riding this one's back. Glad you like it!

    Yeah Brian, I agree, it it was tiny, that might definitely be the case! :)