Tuesday, June 8, 2010

splotch monster parade!

Wow, what a flurry of activity lately in Splotch Monster land! First I found the Sleepwalker wandering around at Pixo's Random Graphical Thots blog.

Then I was chased by several monsters set loose by Amba and Filipe at the Mr. Spoqui blog!

Finally I heard some loud barking from Titus the Dog, who warned me of the three crazy beasts wreaking havoc at a children's birthday celebration (Happy Birthday Boys!).

Thanks for participating everyone - it was a real nice surprise seeing all of your work!


  1. Thanks steve. And Wow! to all, but especially the Elephant Fly.

  2. ahhhhh!!! this is so fun! Steve, i really like this blog... great project!

  3. Yup! Agree! Steve, thank you for making the splotch forms.