Monday, June 28, 2010

273/mr. spoqui/amba collab - splotch form 271 - party monster!

The past few Splotch Monsters were made on some real quality watercolor paper I had sitting around for eons in the storage closet of my art classroom. When I had some free time during work, I'd paint on them, spending no more than ten minutes painting on each paper. Sometimes, I'd work on several at a time, coming back to each piece with another layer of wash. All of 'em were made on 9" x 12" sheets - much larger than I normally work with for these. I've got several more of these to tackle before they're all used up. Looking forward to it!

In the meantime, below is a new Splotch Monster collab with Amba, from the wonderful Mr. Spoqui art blog. From the looks of it, this guy can certainly party, a little too hard perhaps. Nice job and thanks again Amba!


  1. The top splotch reminded me a LOT of the monster from teh Korean monster movie The Host!

    Nice work!

  2. Cool Bob! Yeah, I do remember you reviewing that film at your blog. Cool monster but not-so-good movie, right?

  3. I love these! :-D

    I want to try some--If I can get online while I'm on vacation, I'd like to play with them on the iPad.