Tuesday, June 22, 2010

267/eric collab

Above is a little collab between myself and my pal Eric. Today was officially our last day of school in our district, though the kids were finished last Friday. It's been quite a busy year for us both, and summer break could not arrive soon enough. Both of us were pretty exhausted today, after wrapping things up in the classrooms, and working on this while talking was a good way to wind down. Next week I start teaching a two-week art program with high school and middle school kids, which is always pretty fun, being they're so independent. I might see if some of 'em want to try some of these. In the meantime, Eric just put out a book with artist Dave Modler called the Journal Junkies Workshop. I know just how much work was put into the book, and if you're interested in creative art journaling, this book is definitely your best bet.