Wednesday, May 26, 2010

pixohammer collab - splotch 239 - hairy frog

I know that scientists have recently been discovering some dazzling new amphibian and reptilian species in parts of the world like Indonesia, including a curious-looking drip-nosed frog. These exciting reports makes me a happy guy to realize that despite all the terrible news of late, there is hope for new life on our wonderful planet Earth. One elusive species scientists have yet to actually confirm is the Splotchicus-hair-frogalopalus, or simply, the fabled Hairy Frog, said to have been seen hopping around remote mountainous regions of Canada and China. One witness known simply as Pixo has claimed to have captured an image of this rare species, said to have evolved from Splotch Form 239. The original post can be seen HERE at Pixohammer's blog. Fascinating and a tad frightening, if I do say so myself.