Sunday, May 30, 2010


Inspired by some recent Pixo collaborations (see previous post), I gave it a go with a Splotch Monster portrait, trying to keep it simple. I really liked Pixo's use of black line and the absence of color with Splotch Form 242 especially, so I thought I'd try it too. I noticed upon uploading this, how it looks as if this can be interpreted in two ways. This could either be a portrait, which was my original intention, or it could be a full-on Splotch Monster, with the skinny black lines serving as limbs. Either way, I'll leave it up to the viewer.


  1. Such sad sparkling eyes, they seem to be looking in a mirror and wishes those hair were not there ...

  2. Could be, or she quite possibly is happy with the hair on her face and wishes it covered her entire body. Who knows what a monster's perspective might be? Could be very different from a human point of view, right?

  3. Interesting question. I saw a whole.