Tuesday, May 25, 2010


While scrounging around my art classroom for semi-discarded papers I discovered a couple of big old sheets of canvas paper under one of the storage room shelves. I had to dust them off and try cleaning them a bit. I ended up cutting the sheets into a bunch of 7" x 5" pieces, which is mostly the size I've used so far since I began this blog. On a break at work today, I got started on the found sheets, experimenting with acrylic paints and water, getting some pretty decent results. Since I'm on a roll with these sheets and the acrylics, I think I may be posting works only on those for about a week or so. What I usually do is paint several splotches in one sitting anyhow, though not always. I'll sort through them briefly until I'm "feeling" one, and then begin drawing on it. This is how I've worked on all my Illo Friday entries so far, from this blog. Having to choose from several pre-painted "Splotch Forms" makes the process a lot more fun and simplified.