Sunday, May 16, 2010


Can a Splotch Monster also be vampiric? Is "vampiric" an actual word? Whatever the case, 230 was hungry for blood. Either that, or it verbally insulted somebody bad enough to get a knuckle sandwich for dinner. Anyhow, below is a snippet and link to a hilarious little comic strip by Scottish blogger David, who runs the Stars Sliding blog. In the strip, you'll see a man (a teacher ?) who could very well be my cartoon doppelganger attempting to liken the creation of Splotch Monsters to poetry. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks Steve! That's Poughbuoy doing the monstering of the splotch... he has a habit of always getting it *quite* wrong. :)

    (PS "vampiric" is a word in my book - and he, hopefully, won't be giving me nightmares!)

  2. Ooo-er. That's the scariest yet.

    And isn't Deemikay (David) a star!

  3. Ahhh, I see, I see! Well, thank you David for the marvelous comic strip. It truly made my day!