Thursday, May 13, 2010


Sometimes I'm not sure if I end up subconsciously creating a Splotch Form with something already in mind. Such was the case with 227, which I ended up flipping over completely since I thought it seemed to lend itself to three big bulging eyes attached to those long, orange tentacle-like things. Those things soon became three big legs when flipped over, and I decided to give the feet faces - a move I wasn't too keen with at first but went for it anyhow - a small risk which I now like a lot. Another reason I started doing these was to challenge myself a little bit creatively, and I think when I find something too glaringly obvious, I simply need to go in a completely different direction, especially if I'm not too sure it will work. Like I tell my students when they work on projects of a similar nature, it's a monster, it's imaginary, so you can't mess it up! In the meantime, speaking of art and students, thanks a ton to Sara Kaltwasser, who not only runs the wonderful PNCA youth art Flickr site, but also heads the Defend The City blog - a blog dedicated mostly to monster art. There you'll find some very cool beastie-based works, including a recent feature of A Sploch Monster A Day! Thanks for the props Sara and keep up the fine work!