Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Below is a fantastic interpretation of Splotch 224 by Pixo, also seen at the Random Graphical Thots blog. I love seeing how Pixo works with my Splotch Forms, making something entirely new and unexpected out of them. I could imagine an entire story being written based on this one alone ! I've got plans to work soon with some of Pixo's own line drawings as well here, so stay tuned. In the meantime, I'd love to see what anyone else might come up with using mine, or even their own paint splotches. Anyhow, it's been so dreary and cold out these last few days, and I feel somewhat under the weather. Splotch Monster 226 is probably a reflection of how I've been feeling myself these past couple of days, and how I could certainly use more quality sleep and rest.


  1. I really like this monster in particular, kind of really speaks to me in some way. I am not sure what.

    I was trying to go through your monsters and see if I could make some of my own interpretations... but I am not sure. It made me feel like I needed to study some of my own monsters, or maybe even do some drawing studies of more animals. i dont think I have ever really drawn an animal!!

  2. Thanks Adrienne. Yeah, please try one out - you don't have to be an artist or have even drawn much at all. It's fun seeing people's own style and personalities shine through in these. Go for it!