Friday, May 7, 2010


For those new to this blog, some of you might be wondering why I've got 221 Splotch Monsters and so few posts so far. Basically, I started consistently doing these things about a year ago, and Splotch Monsters was a term I liked - it stuck, so I've gone with it ever since. I've dabbled in these for a few years prior to this however, and I know these aren't really anything new or remotely revolutionary. I found Shel Silverstien's reissued book of poems and illustrations entitled Don't Bump the Glump to be of great inspiration. His sense of play and spontaneity made me want to try more myself, as well as with my own students. I suggest you check out a copy of the book if you like what you see on this blog. Speaking of play and spontaneity, below is another happy collaboration with Pixo, whose work always brings a smile to my face.