Monday, May 3, 2010


This is a collaboration between myself and my wife Kris, who used her graphic design/Photoshop skills to transport my Splotch Monster, #217 (aka Triniwine) into a photo I took from when I visited her former home in her native country Trinidad. Triniwine is a peaceful Splotch Monster who has a smaller, extra head for tasting and sampling the multitude of fruits and flowers growing throughout Trinidad. In this image, Triniwine is happily wining (wine-ing, a popular dance associated with Trinidad's native Soca music) as he approaches not one, but two rainbows - his favorite thing in the world (next to fresh fruit from off the trees). Rainbows appeared almost every day I was there, especially near the Northern Range, which is pictured here. Nescafe instant coffee was also used as well when making this Splotch Monster. Kris' mom would make me a cup every morning when I stayed out there, before I'd wash the dishes, just to see this very view from their window above the kitchen sink. I was also inspired to try this collab with Kris as part of the Monsters in Real Places project. Check it out (and try it out) if you get a chance!

*click on above image for larger view