Friday, April 30, 2010

pixo collabs!

One of my favorite artists and collaborators Pixo decided to give it a go with several of my Splotches, even going as far as making two creatures from the same Splotch! Pixo, in many ways inspired this very blog with his ongoing 10,000 Page Coloring Book project. To see more of Pixo's marvelous collaborations, check out the Wanderland series.


  1. Steve, thank you for posting them. It is great fun adding little lines to bring out the monsters hiding inside these colourful "cocoons". I can never predict what comes out of them.

  2. Pixo, these are nothing short of wonderful. I'd like to download some of your coloring book pages soon as backdrops for future Splotches as well. Take care and thank you for participating!