Saturday, February 5, 2022

Love Monsters

My good friend Allen invited me out to Books and Other Found Things to do Splotch Monsters for Leesburg First Friday, this evening. I really needed something like this, and it was the first time in a long time since I’ve made any kind of art. You might even notice how these new monsters were influenced a lot by Kris, and made with a lot of love. 💕💕💕


Sunday, January 16, 2022

Kris Loya and Splotch Monster Island


My sweet and beautiful wife Kris lost her battle to cancer on December 21, only two days shy of her 41st birthday. In many ways, Kris was the backbone of Splotch Monster Island, taking care of the technical side of things like the website, finances, the making of giclee prints and stickers, etc, while I did most of the fun stuff, like the splotching and drawing. That’s not to say she wasn’t involved in the artistic process at all - quite the contrary. In fact, the most popular series of Splotch Monsters by far, was because of Kris, who collaborated on several series, including the Stop and Smell the Flowers batch, with her delicate and intuitive floral touches, and written captions (something of which she started), that brought so much joy to so many people at the start of the pandemic, when so many of us were in lock down and experienced a lot of stress and anxiety. My amazing wife was a modern Wonder Woman, who had her own artistic practice and obligations, yet cheered me on and championed these silly little monsters more than anyone else. Before Kris left this world, she said that if she got better she wanted to work with people who were sick or who also got cancer, and utilize her artistic practices as a means to healing, however the universe had other plans. That said, I know my precious love’s work isn’t finished yet, as her influence and love of art and creativity and beauty has spread to her friends and fans alike. For now, Splotch Monster Island will be taking an extended hiatus, but there will be some good plans in the works to celebrate Kris’ life and work in the not-too-distant future.  Kris’ obituary can be found HERE

-Steve Loya


Friday, November 26, 2021

Kris Loya Art AND Splotch Monster Island washi tape,

Kris got some beautiful washi tape made with her artwork, as well as one with Splotch Monster Island art. She even composed the patterns herself!


Splotch Monsters from young artists in France!

 Here are some marvelous Splotch Monsters from young artists in France! More from their teacher: 

“Dear Steve, 

This is an email from french pupils (year 1) and our teacher, we live in a small Island on Brittany.

We are pleased to show you our splotch monsters.

As you, we used ink and tried to give our splotches life.

Thank you for the good idea. Thanks to you, we had a lovely time and enjoyed our art work.


Pupils from Year 1 of Ste Marie's school and Camille (the teacher)”

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Count Splotchula’s Favorite Day

 It’s Count Splotchula’s favorite time of the year. I wonder why?

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Don’t Worry Hook Nose

 Hook Nose was very worried by the presence of an enormous turkey vulture, perched pensively atop his protruding purple snout. That can only mean one thing, he thought! Then the big, menacing-looking bird began to say “I thought I’d tell you”, when, in mid-sentence the vulture was cut off by the now-panicking monster, “No, I’m not ready to go! Please, oh please spare me, great turkey vulture and noble custodian of the animal kingdom! There’s a far less fortunate rodent laying at the side of the road, just a few blocks down. I swear! I can show you!” Then the vulture, perplexed by the panicked beast’s irrational assumption tried again. “Don’t worry pal, you’re alive and well. I just thought I’d tell you, you’ve got a brilliant beak.” Embarrassed by his behavior, Hook Nose proceeded to play it cool. “Yeah, I knew that. Thanks. Thanks a lot Mr. Vulture. Cool.” All the vulture could do was simply shake his head and try not to laugh out loud.

Friday, October 29, 2021

The Simple Things

 As the Autumn leaves were swirling and whirling around and around in the wind, one tiny leaf happened to land on the winged-wanderer’s horn, filling her with absolute delight! Perhaps finding the extraordinary in the ordinary is one way to find happiness.

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Old Man Mountain

 Old Man Mountain took great advantage of his ability to see for miles and miles, but his eyes were beginning to grow tired as the days grew shorter. The warm fall colors of the monolithic, yet peaceful monster’s trees were on full display, their vibrant shades of red, yellow, and orange attracting a playful pair of adventurous mountain goats who traveled from afar to enjoy the climb and the brilliant Autumnal exhibit. Soon Old Man Mountain will close his weary eyes, and the mountain goats will go away, until his leaves return and another spring season arrives once again to awaken the sleeping giant of Splotch Monster Island.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

The Tangerine Dreamer and the Bunny

 The Tangerine Dreamer had been asleep for years, quite possibly decades even, seemingly dreaming his life away, when something literally pinched the monster from his deep and lengthy slumber. As his bleary eyes began to focus, he noticed a young bunny chomping away at his leaves. First the bunny took a bite out of his big orange snout, probably thinking he was a giant carrot, then the bunny decided to help himself to some leaves. The nerve! He watched as the little critter excitedly explored this new terrain that was the Tangerine Dreamer’s face, and felt irritated at first, then somewhat bemused. He no longer minded that the bunny was eating his leaves - they were going to fall off sooner or later anyway. In fact he soon grew to admire the little one’s curiosity. It was refreshing, inspiring even, for the giant creature who had been asleep and dreaming for so much of his life. Perhaps the Splotch Monster should take a few notes from his tiny, furry friend, and replace some of that dreaming with a little more doing.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Unlikely Company

 After months of traveling across the vast wilderness of Splotch Monster Island, The Great Hammerhead found a big, open lake to sit and rest in, and close her weary eyes for a few weeks. When the sleeping giant had finally awoken, she discovered a couple of osprey who took it upon themselves to set up camp on her head, directly above her left eye. The Great Hammerhead was less than thrilled by these new, and rather noisy occupants, and wondered what to do about this awkward situation. Since The Great Hammerhead took a long, long time to get anything done, including making up her mind, in this case regarding the rowdy raptors nesting on her head, the birds slowly grew on her. Soon the birds began bringing fish, not just to feed their young, but to feed the towering beast as well. The best days were especially when rainbow trout were on the menu. Before the osprey arrived, The Great Hammerhead was a solitary creature who disliked most other beasts, both big and small, especially birds, who annoyed her more than anything. However, it turns out that misery does enjoy some company after all, especially when freshly caught trout is involved.

Monday, October 25, 2021

A Splotchaphant and a Mouse


The Splotchaphant was gathering Autumn leaves while strolling through the park, in hopes of taking them home to photograph - a hobby the curious creature had recently taken up. Almost directly under his feet he noticed a brilliant yellow leaf, just perfect for a pretty picture. Upon lifting the yellow leaf, a tiny rodent appeared, causing the Splotchaphant to scream in horror, and abandon his leaves, as he ran away, fearing for his life. The tiny rodent turned out to be a field mouse, who was terribly confused by such strange behavior. The mouse couldn’t figure out why a beast as big as the Splotchaphant would be so afraid of him. The mouse decided to gather the leaves the Splotchaphant had left behind, and return them to the peculiar pachyderm. The mouse followed the Splotchaphant’s footprints until it led him to his home, and knocked on his door. Since the mouse didn’t want to alarm the Splotchaphant again, with his clearly intimidating presence, he simply left the pile of leaves on the massive mammal’s doorstep, and proceeded to walk away. Just then, the door opened and the Splotchaphant noticed his pile of collected leaves had been returned safely at his doorstep. Then, he noticed the little rodent who made him scream in terror, walking away. How kind of such a creature, the Splotchaphant thought, and he realized how incredibly foolish his reaction to the mouse must have been. Perhaps next time, he’ll try not to panic if he sees the mouse again, but instead, try to get to know the critter, and even become friends.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Don’t Fear Your Own Shadow


Ever meet a monster afraid of his own shadow? Well, now you have. Can somebody give this guy a hug?