Tuesday, July 18, 2017

splotch monster-making at camp dogwood!

Yesterday I had the honor of visiting Camp Dogwood, to do a Splotch Monster-making workshop for middle-school age campers. This is the fourth summer in a row, visiting this place, and I'm always amazed at what these young folks are capable of creating. Looking forward to next year's visit!

Monday, July 17, 2017

splotch monster-making at books and other found things, leesburg, virginia!

Had a fun time doing a Splotch Monster-making workshop at Books and Other Found Things, in Leesburg, Virginia, as part of the July, Third Saturday festivities! We had some super creative folks come by, including a family of educators who were visiting Leesburg, and the store for the very first time! . Here's what they made!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

artimation! exhibit, happening now through august 30th, 2017!

In addition to the great art exhibits currently going on at the Museum of the Shenandoah, there's a cool little show happening right outside of Old Town Winchester, Virginia called "Artimation!". You can see this exhibit featuring cartoon and comics-based art at the Shenandoah Arts Council, on Loudoun Street, going on now, through August 30th! Who knows, you may even see a few Splotch Monsters there!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

bizarre and surreal show, currently on exhibit at the franklin park arts center, purcellville, virginia

Currently at the Franklin Park Arts Center, a new exhibit called "Bizarre and Surreal" is on display through August 8th, 2017. Last weekend Kris and I went to the opening reception, and had such a fun time. I even ran into an old friend and colleague from when I began teaching in northern Virginia, who is now doing some stellar work of her own (see the image directly below, by Diane Dennis)! Plus, my Splotch Monster Island piece, "Sea Shaman" got an Honorable mention award, as part of the Friends of Franklin Park annual creative challenge. Nice! As always, the FPAC put on a stellar show, and it simply could not have been possible without the amazing work submitted by area artists. There's everything from paintings, to drawings, to relief sculpture, to vintage experimental video installation, even! Check it out soon, before it all vanishes away like a strange and beautiful dream.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

sea shaman, completed

Sea Shaman (22" x 30", watercolor and archival pen on wc paper), completed. This piece, along with many other works from artists in the NOVA region will be on exhibit at the Franklin Park Arts Center, as part of the "Bizarre and Surreal" show, with the opening reception today from 1-3pm.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

sea shaman, sneak peek (1)

I finished up a piece a couple of days ago, that I had originally started a few years back. It was good, but something was missing - it essentially wasn't finished and frankly, needed more. Now there is a total of twenty-five Splotch Monsters in this piece, in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all resemble oceanic beasts - something I've been exploring more and more of recently with the Splotch Monsters. I think of how vast and life-sustaining our world's oceans are, and how it takes up so much of the Earth's surface, yet is so vulnerable to the careless abuses and practices of mankind. I wonder about the possibility of other oceans on other planets and other galaxies, and the life forms that thrive in them. Do other planets exist like ours? We have a very unique alignment of conditions that contributed to the forming of this ever-changing world we call Earth, yet the universe is so vast, almost beyond human comprehension - there must be planets elsewhere, with at least some similarities. All I know is, we as a species need to focus on protecting the one and only Mother Earth - an amazing celestial being like no other, and never take it's beauty and resources for granted, ever. 

Monday, July 3, 2017

making improvements

Lots of studio time today, allowing me to revise and improve upon a piece that was a few years old. I know it never seemed quite finished, but had so much potential to look a lot better, so I'm happy I dug it out, added more Splotch Forms, more colors, etc. Now I just have to finish drawing on it before getting it scanned in Leesburg, Virginia later this week. Then it's off to an exhibit.